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A summary of Romney's record - like George W. Bush's, but worse. See Sources for Proven Record

KING OF THE DOLE:  The federal bailout that saved Romney from business failure

When Bain was about to fail in 1993, Romney threatened the FDIC to secure a $10.7 million federal bail­­out, as FDIC documents detail.

Why was George W. Bush conspic­uously absent from Tampa in August­? Because as Romney asks voters to strip bank regulations put in place under Obama (Romney has pledged to repeal Dodd Frank) and rekindle­ financial speculation, why remind voters that Bush did exactly that with dire consequences? Especially given the ruins of raided firms left by Bain and Company in the 1990s under Romney’s management.

In 1992, for example, Bain acquired Ampad for $5 million, then fired workers, closed factories, and grew its debt from $11 million to $444 million, forcing it into bankruptcy. But Bain earned $100 million. In the case of GS industries, which Bain raided in 1993 and left bankrupt, the federal government ended up paying $44 million to bail out the company’s underfunded pension plan.

Romney's 10.7 million federal bailout
In 1992, while Romney was managing director, Bain and Company was in debt to the Federal Deposit and Insurance Corporation (FDIC) for $30 million. Nevertheless, in April 1992, Romney approved lavish bonuses for Bain executives, which helped bring Bain close to bank­ruptcy months later.

Romney then threatened the FDIC in 1993 with doling out more executive bonuses unless it forgave $10.7 million of Bain’s debt. The FDIC capitulated, concluding that Bain had “no value as a going concern” and “would otherwise fail.” The Romney campaign has refused to answer media questions about these disclosures and documents.

(Update: given Romney's $10.7 million FDIC bailout in conjunction with lavish executive bonuses, the contempt he expressed for the 47%, including seniors living on social security, is brazen hypocrisy.  Romney [sic] elaborates in the parody video,
"King of the Dole")

Romney’s affinity for Cayman Islands banking, with its unsavory history of tax evasion and money laundering, is disconcerting. Bain holds 138 secret­ accounts there, including 12 in which Romney has personal interests. On August 29, a yacht moored in Tampa hosted a reception for Romney’s biggest donors. It flew not the U.S. but the Cayman Islands flag, as shown in ABC news photos.

The Cayman Islands was also where, under Bush, billions of Enron dollars disappeared in 2001 into 700 shell corporations. Back then, traders from Enron, Bush’s biggest early political backer, were recorded joking about “all that money you guys stole from those poor grandmothers.”

Romney’s economic posturing requires ignoring not only Bush, but the longer 50-year U.S. economic record­, as shown. Twice as many jobs were created per year under Democratic v. Republican presidents.

In 2000, between the waves of bank failures­ under Bush I and Bush II, Bill Clinton­ achieved the biggest annual­ U.S. budget surplus ever. Funny thing, the Democrats didn’t need to hide Clinton­ in Charlotte.

But if you’re Romney, just ignore Bush and blame Obama for the residual effects of the biggest financial crash since the great 1929 ­depression. After the 2008 Bush crash, median U.S. wealth dropped 39%, to 1992 levels. But for Romney, it’s Obama’s fault that it’s taking time to recover.

One more remarkable claim by Romney is best considered in light of an old joke. A drunk is watching a man on TV who jumps from a tall rooftop. The drunk gasps, but friends console him, explaining that it had all happened hours ago. The drunk replies, “I know. But I didn’t think he’d be fool enough to do it again!”

So, to recap his financial record, Romney stashes millions of dollars in offshore bank accounts and won’t ­release past income tax returns. He scorns those living on social security as moochers, while securing a $10.7 million federal bailout to save himself from business failure. Yet he says he will fix the U.S economy? To a drunk or to someone preparing to jump again from the same rooftop, that might make perfect sense.

— David E. Scheim, author of the New York Times best seller, Contract on America. Adapted from a guest editorial published in the Roanoke Times, 9/12/2012.

The reporting and documents on Romney's $10.7 million FDIC bailout are from Rolling Stone, September 13, 2012 edition, The federal bailout that saved Mitt Romney, by Tim Dickinson. The article provides a link to all cited FDIC documents. Or you may view the article and supporting documents in one PDF file.
Romney has pledged to repeal Dood Frank:
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